Travel With Barb

Travel With Barb

Dan HaysFinish Packing...and leave the rest to us

I am so convinced that Travel With Barb is the absolute way to go!!! I love that the costs are all upfront – no tipping, no “hidden” fees. My students and I all knew what the trip cost, and I didn’t have to worry that at the end of the trip my students would be running out of money and they would not be able to tip their drivers, waiters, etc.  Also, everything was so well-planned, I just got to enjoy the trip, not stress over every little thing. We had a couple of students who needed extra “attention” and Jen, our tour rep took them under her wing and made sure they had a great time. That again, alleviated me to just enjoy the trip.  I will never take a group anywhere without Travel With Barb. They are THE BEST!”

Dan Hays

Director of Theatre Activities
Midland University

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