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Here is a sampling of the praise we receive from the groups that work with us.

This was probably the “biggest bang for your buck” trip I’ve taken as a Band Director. The itinerary was packed and things moved along very well without a lot of waiting in lines or sitting on buses. I would definitely go to this destination again and with Travel With Barb.

Tom Thorpe, Director of Band Activities, Lincoln East High School

The trip was well organized, efficient and the kids had a blast! Looking forward to having my next Travel With Barb trip, hopefully next year with show choir!

Megan Swain, Director of Choral Activities, Millard North High School

I always enjoy working with you! You always give me the honest answers and expert guidance. You rock!

Doran Johnson, Director of Choral Activities, Westside High School

Travel With Barb is an amazing company for teachers. Especially being a new teacher, it took off a lot of stress. It helped so much having a guide with music knowledge. I only have good things to say about Travel With Barb and know we will be working with you again in the future!

Kelly Coslet, Director of Orchestral Activities, Grand Island Senior High School

Amazing! We had a lot of timing issues before the trip that Travel With Barb was able to fix right away. We had a phenomenal and knowledgeable tour guide. This is my first time working with Travel With Barb, and I will definitely go with them again. I heard this saying before and now I can say that they are “the best in the business”.

Harley Mohlman, Director of Band Activities, Broken Bow High School

We had a very good experience with Travel With Barb, and we will certainly look in to them again They were flexible, honest, patient, understanding, and ethical when it came to doing what they thought was best for the students.

Matthew Gunter, Director of Choral Activities, Yutan High School

Travel With Barb is the BEST! Wouldn’t go with anybody else! Their integrity makes them the best in the business!

Todd Cook, Director of Band Activities, Norfolk High School

This was an absolutely great trip organized by Travel With Barb. They were extremely accommodating, and took care of any hiccups very easily with minimal stress as well. I would highly recommend them
to any traveling school group!

Tommy Kruger, Director of Band Activities, Westside High School

I am so convinced that Travel With Barb is the absolute way to go!!! I love that the costs are all upfront – no tipping, no “hidden” fees. My students and I all knew what the trip cost, and I didn’t have to worry that at the end of the trip my students would be running out of money and they would not be able to tip their drivers, waiters, etc. Also, everything was so well-planned, I just got to enjoy the trip, not stress over every little thing. We had a couple of students who needed extra “attention” and Jen, our tour rep took them under her wing and made sure they had a great time. That again, alleviated me to just enjoy the trip. I will never take a group anywhere without Travel With Barb.
They are THE BEST!

Dan Hays, Director of Theatre Activities, Midland University

Travel With Barb continues to be outstanding in student group travel. The entire schedule of our most recent trip was well planned, and our travel guide did an outstanding job of addressing any needs or questions we had during the trip. Thanks for the great job, once again!!!

Jim Kucera, Director of Jazz Band Activities, Waverly High School

What a great experience. Everyone at Travel With Barb was pleasant and very knowledgeable through the whole process. We appreciate your honesty when it came to helping us make good decisions with the students in mind. The itinerary was spot on and students and adults had a fantastic time. Thank you all for all of your work and expertise in making our trip memorable!

Kelly Meyer, Director of Choral Activities, Beatrice High School

Travel With Barb provided an organized step by step process from start to finish. The staff was friendly, organized, and significantly helpful throughout.
I did not have to be concerned with the “behind the scenes” worries of reservations, hotel, transportation, and the like. I was able to thoroughly enjoy this amazing opportunity and experience from beginning to
end with my students! I would highly recommend Travel With Barb for your student group travel!

Ryan Placek, Director of Band Activities, Millard North High School

Thank you for putting my mind at ease and helping me through my first trip as a director. You made the process stress free and easy for me. Your helpful and kind approach to working with me the past few months speaks volumes about who you are as a company. Thank you!

Christalinn Ginn, Director of Band and Choral Activities, Osmond High School

We were very happy with the Travel With Barb experience. I have referred many people to your website to explore what you have to offer – everyone from schools to retired groups. The trip went exceptionally well and I thank all the staff at your company for all the patience and attention to detail that you are so well-known for. My administrators were very thankful for all the positive feedback they have received on the trip from parents, etc. I hope to work with Travel With Barb on future tours as they have this thing down to a science!! It is definitely worth it!

Tracy Anderson, Director of Choral Activities, Wayne High School

We had a fantastic time! Arlington loves working with Travel With Barb! You work really well with our Booster Organization to make sure the trip will work for us and our students. We always have a great time and really tired students at the end!

Allie Mastny, Director of Band Activities, Arlington High School

What a great experience. Everyone at Travel With Barb was pleasant and very knowledgeable through the whole process. The itinerary was spot on and students and adults had a fantastic time. Thank you all for all of your work and expertise in making our trip memorable!

Andrew Johnson, Director of Band Activities, Beatrice High School

Excellent trip! The students had fun and everyone involved was extremely helpful, kind, and great to work with. Thank you!

Emily Fricke, Director of Band Activities, Johnson County Central High School

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