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Group Travel: Our Specialty!

Travel With Barb specializes in group trips — mainly student group trips. The Travel With Barb staff combined has over 300 years of teaching experience! We know what it takes to plan and implement a successful, meaningful, and memorable trip for you and your students. We promise that we will be with you every step of the way. We are proud to be SYTA members and have developed relationships with many partners to get you what you need at an affordable rate. Some added values of using Travel With Barb as your tour operator include:

Why Be Both a Tour Planner and a Teacher?

We do the planning while you do the teaching!

A successful trip means ensuring the safety of your group, efficiency in the tour, and having all the logistics in place. At Travel With Barb, we take pride in our ability to offer these things for you so you can focus on the most important thing – your students. A great travel experience changes lives, and creates life-long memories. Your trip preparations shouldn’t take away time from your teaching responsibilities. Plus, if you are busy handling the logistics and tour planning for your group, you will have less time to enjoy this rewarding opportunity with your students.

Cost effective planning

Whether it’s choosing a good hotel location in relation to your group tour activities, securing special rates at key attractions, or handling food and beverage options that are a good “fit” for students, Travel With Barb has the relationships and resources with these vendors to help you get the best VALUE for your dollar.

Peace of mind

Relying on the experience and expertise of a Travel With Barb tour planner can bring peace of mind to you the teacher, to parents of your students, and to your school administrators. Our experienced tour planners can anticipate the unexpected, and will deliver a level of preparedness that’s hard to match when you plan on your own.

At Travel With Barb, we pride ourselves on our integrity, exceptional service, and value. We are passionate about travel opening the minds of students by providing both education and inspiration. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by delivering memorable and remarkable experiences.

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